A Helping Hand in Calming Baby

Well I’ve been a mamma for almost three months now and of the baby products I’ve come across so far, Johnson’s Baby Bed Time Cream has to be my favourite. Of course the essentials like nappies, wipes and fragranced sacks are any parents favourites for obvious reasons, I mean, where would we be without them? But in terms of baby products that might not be considered necessities, the bed time cream gets a high rating from me.

To begin with the smell is absolutely lovely. It’s amazing how many people tell me my baby smells wonderful but they’re not lying, she really does! It has a really sweet, mellow fragrance and is in keeping with that generic soothing baby scent that most Johnson’s products have. To tell you the truth I’ve actually used the stuff myself a couple of times and tried to claim It as my own ‘natural fragrance.’ – ‘oh yeah that… That’s just what I smell like.’

I think the bed time cream is most effective after bath time. Though I do like to use it as a general moisturiser too.

My little one does love having baths, but is most displeased when it’s time to get out and boy does she let me (and half the street) know it. One things for sure my girl has a cracking pair of lungs! Once she’s dry and warm I like to rub the cream all over her tummy and then massage her legs with it. It really does calm her down, there’s been times were we’ve even gone from screams to smiles within seconds.

I give this product top ratings, it does seem to help my little one sleep better too if I use it just before bed time. So if your having troubles calming your child or just want to have a beautiful smelling baby, give this stuff a go!


New Found Love For Yoga

I am not usually one for routine exercise but I have too say, over the last six months of being pregnant I have definitely been feeling the yoga! Proud to say I have been keeping up to it too, practising at least 5 times a week and feeling the benefits!

I decided to take up yoga at the beginning of my second trimester as I was becoming increasingly anxious about my pregnancy and needed to find a healthy way to relax both my mind and body. Unfortunately for me, the combination of suffering from a social anxiety and being unemployed (i.e skint) meant that sining up to a group yoga class at the gym was off the table. So I decided to take a look at online yoga tutorials that I could practice with ease, for free, in the comfort of my own home.

The two tutorials I have found and have been practicing are produced by a company called Yogea Art Flow (I will provide links for these at the bottom of this post) and are particularly focused on your needs for the first and second trimesters, which is great!

Although I originally took up yoga to ease my anxieties, I’ve found that it’s really helped soothe certain aches and pains I’ve suffered with during my pregnancy, especially during my second trimester were I had a lot of lower back pain. But more so, I feel that my mind is a lot more calmer now and It gives me chance to rest my thoughts and think about nothing whilst I do my routine. It’s nice! My partner has even noticed a change in me, and says he can defiantly tell the difference in my mood if I skip a day (which I try not to do too often).

Overall I would defiantly recommend the Yogea Art Flow vids to anyone who wants to do a bit of light exercise during their pregnancy. They are great for beginners and have a lovely spiritual feel to them ( if you’re into that, which I am). They also include a nice ten minute or so ‘winding down’ section at the end of the routine, which is perfect if you enjoy meditation and helps you to create beautiful imagery in your mind.

For me, yoga has not only benefited my health but has really helped to make me feel positive about my pregnancy… It’s exactly what I needed!

Yogea ArtFlow Tutorial links

Prenatal yoga routine: Gift of life (Third Trimester)

Prenatal yoga routine: Calm Interior (Second trimester)