A Helping Hand in Calming Baby

Well I’ve been a mamma for almost three months now and of the baby products I’ve come across so far, Johnson’s Baby Bed Time Cream has to be my favourite. Of course the essentials like nappies, wipes and fragranced sacks are any parents favourites for obvious reasons, I mean, where would we be without them? But in terms of baby products that might not be considered necessities, the bed time cream gets a high rating from me.

To begin with the smell is absolutely lovely. It’s amazing how many people tell me my baby smells wonderful but they’re not lying, she really does! It has a really sweet, mellow fragrance and is in keeping with that generic soothing baby scent that most Johnson’s products have. To tell you the truth I’ve actually used the stuff myself a couple of times and tried to claim It as my own ‘natural fragrance.’ – ‘oh yeah that… That’s just what I smell like.’

I think the bed time cream is most effective after bath time. Though I do like to use it as a general moisturiser too.

My little one does love having baths, but is most displeased when it’s time to get out and boy does she let me (and half the street) know it. One things for sure my girl has a cracking pair of lungs! Once she’s dry and warm I like to rub the cream all over her tummy and then massage her legs with it. It really does calm her down, there’s been times were we’ve even gone from screams to smiles within seconds.

I give this product top ratings, it does seem to help my little one sleep better too if I use it just before bed time. So if your having troubles calming your child or just want to have a beautiful smelling baby, give this stuff a go!


Yankee Candles & Mood Lighting 

Creating a calming and relaxed atmosphere in my home is something that has recently become very important to me. There’s nothing more lovely than winding down, (especially during the evening) in my living room and feeling content and peaceful.

I actually rent my house so it’s important for me to make it feel like it’s my own as much as I possibly can. I’ve rented a couple of houses in the past and struggled to feel ‘at home’. My last house was shared accommodation, so that felt the least homely.

One of my favourite ways to indulge my visual senses and promote a calmed atmosphere is low lighting. My living room lighting consists of fairy lights, my lava lamp, my static light (the big ball that you can touch to make the light shoot to your finger tip…very cool, in the past it’s kept me amused for hours!), my fibre optic lamp and my little lamp (of the normal kind.)

When I switch all of these on in the evening, with the curtains closed, it creates a lovely warm vibe and really helps me to settle. They are also cheaper to run than my living rooms main lighting, which is an added bonus. I am a massive fan of fairy lights and have them in pretty much every room of the house…I think they look great!

Another of my favourite homely atmosphere treasures is candles and incense! I’m a lover of the well known brand Yankee when it comes to candles. They may be a little on the pricey side but they have such a fabulous array of scents that really fill the room, plus they seem to last for ages. Definitely worth splashing out on. My favourite at the moment is Black Cherry, it’s gorgeous. I’m also a sucker for the Yankee Wax Melts, their fragrance might not fill the room as much as the candles, but they last for a really long time. I’ve been using the same melt In my oil burner for the last 3 months and there’s still a ton left!

Woodwick candles are another brand of candle I’ve recently fallen in love with. They have some really interesting flavours including their Trilogy range which combines three different scents in one candle. As their name suggests, they feature a wooden wick which is quite a unique element; something I have never come across in other candle brands before. It makes a soothing crackle effect as it burns, creating a calm and content atmosphere.

Aside from these two candle brands, my homely atmosphere collection consists of lavender incense (great for relaxation), lemonade incense, tea lights, my lucky Buddha candle holder and my Himalayan rock salt tea light holder (which glows so beautifully bright). All help to create a lovely environment in my home.