Finding Fantastic Freebies & Bargains

We all love a good bargain, better yet, who doesn’t love a cheeky goody or freebie. It’s not always easy finding a good deal once the summer offers have ended, and who wants to wait until January for their next sale shopping fix. As for free gifts, they can be even rarer to come across.

I’ve put together what is hopefully a helpful list of websites and places were anyone can find Bargains, samples and free stuff, to keep you going until the next big sale event. What’s not to love? Enjoy! X

All Beauty

All Beauty formally known as Cheap Smells ( I totally get why they renamed it) is one of my favourite online discount beauty retailers. It’s perfect for if your looking to grab a bargain. They pretty much sell any mainstream beauty brand you can think of at a discount price. Not only that, but they’ll do a price match on any product you find cheaper elsewhere and there is a free gifts section of the website too.

Bounty club

One for all my fellow mamma bears out there. Having a baby can be expensive so most of us will take any help we can get in terms of free stuff. If you haven’t already heard of bounty you can register online to receive free bounty packs full off goodies, information and parenting guides.

There’s also an online community, expert advise, competitions and exclusive, personalised offers and savings of up to 70% off. If your expecting, ask your midwife and she might already have a free bounty pack for you without having to sign up. Similar clubs include Emma’s Diary, Boots baby club and Your Baby Club UK.

Everything Five Pound

If you really want to spend as little as possible on your wardrobe then this is the site for you. has so much to offer and is well worth a browse if your looking for a new cheap and cheerful outfit. There’s items for men, women, kids and the home.

As the name suggests, everything on the site costs five pound, but don’t let that put you off in terms of product quality. I actually bought a lovely grey maxi dress from here and when I received it, it had originally come from a very well known and trusted fashion retailer.

Freebie Websites

There are tons of freebie websites out there but you should always do your research and be careful about what information you are giving out, especially if a website looks suspicious. These websites do tend to generate a lot of spam so I suggest using an old email address or creating a brand new one specifically for using with these sites.

Two freebie sites that are definitely worth looking into are Magic Freebies and Latest Free Stuff. On both these websites you will find freebies, samples, competitions and more, promoting all sorts products and companies.

Beauty Counters

Makeup and beauty counters are another great place to source free samples whilst your out and about shopping. Usually you only receive them once you’ve purchased something from the counter, but if you get chatty with the shop assistant and are generally interested in a product, your sure to get a sample to test before buying.

So hopefully these suggestions will come of use to anyone looking to save money or grab a freebie. Any more advice on finding great deals and free goodies would be greatly appreciated, leave your comments. Happy bargain hunting people!


Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

This summer I was so pleased when I saw this image (see above) repeatedly posted around on my social media feed, it was most humbling to see how many people agreed with the above statement and felt the need to share how important it is to be kind to one another.

I really do believe that when we are negative to someone els, it is a true reflection of our own insecurities. My advice to anyone who has suffered from verbal abuse or unprovoked negativity from someone els, is that what they are saying has more to do with themselves than it actually does you.

Whatever your shape, size or look, be proud of who you are and feel confident in yourself. You should not have to change the way you look or view your body as a project. Live your life the way YOU want to live it.

We are ruled by a media that profits from our insecurities and makes us think we need to be a certain way. Don’t let someone els tell you what is admirable and what is not! Beauty comes in so many different forms and means something different to is in the eye of the beholder.

Also remember that fashion and beauty are two separate things. Beauty is timeless where as fashion is ever changing. At one time it was fashionable for women to be pleasingly plump, then it changed to having a more slender physic. At another time, it was fashionable to have a slim waist, broad hips and a flat bottom however that was replaced by the trend of having voluptuous breasts and a full rounded bum. There was also once a time that women didn’t have any noticeable muscle definition yet increasingly muscularity in women is gaining more and more acceptance. Fashion constantly changes!

That’s not to say we can’t look at these images of fashion and appreciate their interpretation of beauty, it’s just important to remember that they are not the only versions of beauty that exist…beauty comes in so many different forms.

So If there’s one thing I would like you to take away from reading this post, its this – remember to always be kind, and if you do find yourself in a situation where you are being negative or critical of somebody els, take a step back a really assess how you feel and the reasons why you might be doing it. Change your outlook and be a better person.

My Top Ten Lush Favourites

As a lover of all things Lush I could literally write post after post, reviewing all the products I’ve used and loved over the years however to save time, I’ve picked my top ten favourites and wrote a couple of sentences explaining why I like the product. I hope you enjoy reading and learning about some great skincare, hair care and beauty treats!

10. Limelight Toothy Tabs – I’ve actually tried a few of Lush’s tooth care products and I have to say I do really like them. Limelight toothy tabs do make your teeth and whole mouth feel really clean however they have quite a strong taste. I like to use them in the morning as they help freshen my breath. I prefer to mix them with a regular fluoride toothpaste for safe measure but they can be used on their own.

9. All Things Good Solid Perfume – All things good perfume is really nice if your looking for something a little bit different and unusual compared to regular perfumes. I wasn’t so keen on the smell to begin with but over time it really started to grow on me, lots of people seem to notice and compliment the scent too. It’s smells sort of like smokey candy floss which sounds a bit bazaar but it really is a lovely unique fragrance.

8. Full of Grace face serum – Great for if you have dry skin! Although it’s meant for the face, this baby is the perfect size to rub on dry elbows or knees. It melts at body temperature so it’s probably wise to keep it in a tin or tub, to avoid making a melted mess!

7. Charity pot – The Charity Pot body lotion is so moisturising, it takes a little while for the skin to absorb it but once it does, it leaves your body feeling beautifully silky and soft. This stuff also smells fantastic, very sweet and honey like. As well as all this, profits made from this product go to charity, hence the name Charity Pot. Now what’s not to love about that?

6. Lush Makeup Range – I had to bunch a few products together for number 6 as I value them all equally, plus you can’t really have one without the other when it comes to makeup. Lush makeup is perfect for if your conscious of putting harsh products on your face, such as perfumed foundations; it’s a great alternative.

So my lush beauty routine involves Feeling Younger face cream (the perfect primer), Light Pink Colour Supplement, Emotional Brilliance translucent powder, Independent (black shade) eye liner ( brilliant for straight lines and flicks) and Eyes Right mascara.

5. Don’t rain on my parade – In my opinion one of Lush’s best smelling shower gels! This one smells like Palmer violets and the scent lasts for ages, even after its all been washed off!

4. 9 to 5 face cleanser – This stuff is very gentle on the skin and leaves it feeling beautifully soft. Since using this, my skin does feel a lot more healthier and I look a lot less tired and puffy. It’s also great for washing makeup off your face, especially if you have sensitive skin that usually reacts to normal soaps & cleansers.

3. Ros Argon Body Conditioner – The Rose Jam scent is my absolute favourite lush fragrance, so when I first smelt this body conditioner I fell in love with it instantly. Like most Lush products, it takes a little while for my skin to absorb the oils but once it does, I’m left with a beautiful silky smooth feeling and the fabulous scent lingers for ages!

2. Roots hair mask – This marvellous minty mask is perfect for fine hair. I’m sure my hair has started to grow faster and thicker since I began using this stuff. It really tingles the scalp as you massage it on and leaves your hair feeling soft and nourished afterwards.

1.Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo & Veganese Conditioner – I have repeatedly bought these two time and time again as they have made my hair so so healthy. I couldn’t decide between them, so I had to bunch them together as my number one fave lush products, after all shampoo & conditioner do go hand in hand.

The shampoo leaves hair incredibly clean, I’ve gone from washing my hair every night, to washing it every couple of days or so which is far better for it. It smells lovely and leaves my hair looking shinier than ever. I think this shampoo might also be helping to strengthen my hair as I’ve had a lot less breakage since I began using it.

Veganese Conditioner is really great for my hair type as its very light, yet I don’t need to use a lot as spreads all over the hair really easily. It has a gentle lemony fragrance that lingers even after you’ve washed it all out. It’s also vegan friendly which is always a bonus.

A Helping Hand in Calming Baby

Well I’ve been a mamma for almost three months now and of the baby products I’ve come across so far, Johnson’s Baby Bed Time Cream has to be my favourite. Of course the essentials like nappies, wipes and fragranced sacks are any parents favourites for obvious reasons, I mean, where would we be without them? But in terms of baby products that might not be considered necessities, the bed time cream gets a high rating from me.

To begin with the smell is absolutely lovely. It’s amazing how many people tell me my baby smells wonderful but they’re not lying, she really does! It has a really sweet, mellow fragrance and is in keeping with that generic soothing baby scent that most Johnson’s products have. To tell you the truth I’ve actually used the stuff myself a couple of times and tried to claim It as my own ‘natural fragrance.’ – ‘oh yeah that… That’s just what I smell like.’

I think the bed time cream is most effective after bath time. Though I do like to use it as a general moisturiser too.

My little one does love having baths, but is most displeased when it’s time to get out and boy does she let me (and half the street) know it. One things for sure my girl has a cracking pair of lungs! Once she’s dry and warm I like to rub the cream all over her tummy and then massage her legs with it. It really does calm her down, there’s been times were we’ve even gone from screams to smiles within seconds.

I give this product top ratings, it does seem to help my little one sleep better too if I use it just before bed time. So if your having troubles calming your child or just want to have a beautiful smelling baby, give this stuff a go!

My Beauty Saviours From Breastfeeding Induced Dehydration

I know, this post sure does have one great mouthful of a title. In fact ‘great mouthful’ is exactly the phrase that springs to mind when I reflect on my life over the past three months…. I have the greediest child ever!!

There are many perks to breastfeeding your little one. There’s no need to faff around with bottles, the milk is ready and accessible whenever you need it ( very handy at 3 o’clock in the morning, wen baby decides it’s dinner time) and of course it’s a great method for bonding with your new born. I know what you’re thinking… ‘Hurray for boobies!’ I mean, the list goes on and on, let’s not forget the many other charming delights to be experienced with breastfeeding, such as sore nipples, swollen breasts, leakage (admittedly does have its comedic values), constant drained energy ( also a symptom of general parenthood ) and chronic dehydration. So yeah, breastfeeding does come with its challenges.

Throughout the day I drink so much water to stop my body feeling like the Sahara desert, but it’s still never enough to prevent that irritating crusty dry feeling I get when waking up for night time feeds. Luckily I have found some superb products, from my favourite beauty store Lush, which help me to cope with this issue.

If there’s one thing that goes hand in hand with dehydration, it’s dry lips. A common problem many of us experience, both breastfeeders and non breastfeeders. Now I love a good lip balm, but I always seem to find myself re-applying and re-applying the stuff, until it seems to be having no effect whatsoever. Alas I have finally found a balm that agrees with my lips. I literally only have to use Lush’s Key Lime Pie lip balm once and it lasts for hours. Of course Lush do a few more flavours of lip balm but the Key Lime Pie, in my opinion, is definitely the best smelling… It’s positively scrumptious!

If you need a quick blast of refreshing water to wake you up in the morning (or during the night), then I would definitely suggest Breath of Fresh Air toner water. The bottle describes it as ‘ a sea breeze captured in a bottle’ and I can really see why. It really helps to wash away that crusty dry sleepy feeling and is a fantastic pick-me-up. I also like to use Lush’s Eau Roma Water toner as it hydrates the skin and has a lovely calming effect.

I would definitely recommend these products as a quick fix for if you don’t have time to hop in the shower or don’t have a large glass of water to hand. Perfect for tiredness, skin dehydration, dryness and other symptoms of breastfeeding.

Bath Time Lush Haul

The only real problem I have with Lush bath bombs and oils is deciding which one to use first! They are all so lovely in their own special way.

In the past I have been a little dubious of bath bombs and smellies as I have quite sensitive skin. I have always loved and used other lush products though, such as shampoos, conditioners and body gels and never had any issues.

This year for Christmas I received the Intergalactic  and Tisty-tosty bath bombs but I was still unsure about using them. They both looked and smelt amazing especially the intergalactic which was so colourful and sparkly! Eventually my curiosity got the better of me and I couldn’t bear to waste them, so I took a chance and threw half of the Intergalactic into a warm relaxing bath.

Luckily it was fine and had no effect on my sensitive skin, which was a little surprising to say how much colour, glitter and oil was in the product but it made my bath look and feel amazing. I still only use half a bomb at a time just to be on the safe side plus that way it lasts longer. I shared the Tisty-tosty with my partner (who shouted ‘it’s got spiders in it’ when it released its flower petals into the water) and again I had no issues.

Then after that it started… My obsession with lush bath products. I had already become addicted to having regular baths due to my pregnancy, so my new found love for bath bombs seemed to go hand in hand with this obsession.

So far from the products in the image I have used the bubble bars, Rose Jam and Milky Bath. I was a little sceptical about the Milky bath wen I saw it online, for some reason I thought it would smell like sour milk (which was a bit of a silly thing to think really) but once I smelt it in store I realised how wrong I was, it smells great and even contains a small amount of glitter which is always a bonus. Unfortunately when I used it, it did make me feel a little itchy afterwards but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle, there was no redness or spots like what I have experienced in the past with other bath products.

Rose jam on the other hand, was amazing I had no skin problems whatsoever and I could definitely feel the softening effect it had on the water. It also smells fabulous. After I had my bath I kept popping my head into the bathroom every time I passed so I could take a big sniff of its lasting aroma. It’s beautiful scent had filled the room. The Yuzu and Cocoa is also a nice bubble bar to use, it looks like a yellow/ orange version of Rose Jam and it makes your bath smell incredibly sweet.

I haven’t tried any of the luxury bath oils yet, I bought them as I wanted something to soften my skin. The Melting Marshmallow Oil  smells delicious – very much looking forward to using it. I really recognise the scent and am sure it’s been used in another of lush’s products. If anyone knows what els it’s been used in, please let me know. I’m thinking it might be one of the shower jellies.

I am also really looking forward to trying out some of the bath bombs I’ve recently bought too. One of my favourites, which I couldn’t find online anymore, is the Ikle Baby Bot. I do hope it hasn’t been discontinued. I’ve bought it a few times as it’s ideal for children (over the age of six months) so I knew it would be fine for me to use. It also has relaxing properties and is great to use just before bedtime. I think it might be a nice one to buy once my little one has arrived and is old enough to use bath bombs. (Get them started whilst they’re young ehhy!)

All in all I have to give lush bath products a ‘big thumbs up.’ Their scent is unique and I love the idea of each product being hand made. If you are looking for the perfect bath time treat, I would definitely recommend lush. But beware… Once you’ve bought one product, you will want to try them all…and that’s how the addiction begins!

Stretch Mark Beauty Routine

I’ve never really had to pay to much attention to the condition of my skin, apart from the odd break out of spots I get from time to time and the oiliness I suffered from as a teen, but in adult life I’ve been pretty lucky. I am now just over six months pregnant and as expected there have been some changes to my body. The quality of my skin is still pretty good (I’m very pleased to have the ‘pregnant lady glow’) however due to the rapid growth of my bum and thighs I’ve begone to develop stretch marks. Funnily enough my tummy is fine though…not a mark in sight and I’m hoping it stays that way! I must admit, I did feel quite conscious about the stretch marks when I first noticed them, even though they’re a perfectly natural thing and something that a large number of people develop at some point in life (especially during pregnancy). But this combined with my love of beauty and cosmetics seemed like the perfect excuse to try out some skin care products.

My immediate ‘go to’ product was Bio Oil, just because it was the skin care product I’d heard most about in association with stretch marks. My mum actually managed to find some lurking in the back of her medicine cupboard that had never been opened. It had been there a very long time but didn’t appear to have a sell by date on it, so I thought ‘what the heck, waste not want want not’ and I gave it a go. I’ve been using it twice a day for almost a month now and am on my second bottle, which I have to say appears to be having more of an affect than the first (maybe the old bottle from the back of my mums cupboard had gone a little out of date, I think it was about five years old to be fair). Though I have recently incorporated a few more products into my stretch mark beauty routine and started putting a few drops of the bio oil into my daily bath as well, I do think it’s starting to take the redness down and the marks seem to be beginning to fade. The bottle does advise that the product should be used for a minimum of three months, so I guess only time will tell but so far things are looking promising.

The second skin care product I’ve recently started using to keep the affected area moisturised is Sanctuary Spa’s Ultimate Salt Scrub. I bought this product because I’d read that exfoliation can help the appearance of stretch marks and when I looked it up online, I saw heaps and heaps of positive comments and reviews about the product. Although the scrub isn’t necessarily designed to help with stretch marks it contains coconut and jojoba oil, two ingredients which I’ve read are good for stretch marked skin. I absolutely love this scrub and would recommend it not only to those with stretch marks, but to anyone who is having trouble with dry skin. At first when you apply it, it does leave a sort of oily residue on the top of the skin, but once your out of the shower/bath and dried, it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and incredibly moisturised (at least in my experiences). It also smells beautiful!!

As well as using these two products, I’ve been drinking plenty of water (to ensure I keep hydrated), eating a ton of veg (broccoli and cauliflower are my faves) and using moisturisers whenever I remember to. I’m pretty sure the marks are starting to fade and I’m hoping this will help prevent new ones from forming. Whatever happens, it can’t hurt to treat my skin to some much deserved pampering….its been lovely!!