All Done & Dusted For Another Year

Whilst popping out to the shops on a blustery boxing day morning, I couldn’t help but think to myself, ‘wooahh, it’s as if the whole world is hungover.’ The almost empty streets whistled as the cold winds rushed through alleyways and crooks. The dreary few who managed to pull themselves out of bed, floated through the streets like lost soles wandering a dystopian world.

It got me thinking.. isn’t Christmas day one heck of an expensive, over planned anticlimax. Like a great big slap in the face. You spend a fortune and the best part of your month (if not longer) planning for one single day and then just like that, it’s all over with. Was it half as fabulous as you’d anticipated?… Didn’t think so!

Then, to add insult to injury, the very next day all Xmas products prices drop dramatically! I’m not being funny or anything, and please do mind my french… but are they taking the piss?? Whats that? You could have bought the exact same rubbish for half the price, if you hadn’t insisted on giving everyone their presents on the 25th of December.

I mean what’s wrong with the 26th of December? It’s a nice day, and everything’s cheaper.. forget about that Jesus blokes birthday, I’m sure he doesn’t mind if it means saving yourself a small fortune, and from where I’m standing it’s not as if anyone gives that much of a toss about him anymore anyway. And we still bloody fall for it every single year. Hmmmm don’t forget to go out and buy as much left over tack as possible in the January sales, you’ll save yourself a fortune!

So by this point you might have just about gotten over the Christmas blues. And is it any wonder we all feel a little down once the big day is over with. I for one can say that every year it never meets my expectations, yet every year without fail I say to myself ‘this one’s gunna be a good one!’

Even though this was my daughters first Christmas I’d still only rate the day as being ‘alright.’ I thought she was going to love it and would be excited and giddy and happy… but she is only 8 and a half months old, so therefore when all said and done, she didn’t really give a toss! Maybe next year ehh.

So apart from expressing my opinions and grievances on the matter, my purpose in writing all this is to send a message to those who also get a feeling of dispair and disappointment after Christmas day. Don’t set your expectations too high! Maybe next Xmas spend the day watching the joy and happiness of others around you.

I want to leave you with one final suggestion that might help take the edge off the Christmas blues next year. Try and find just one person who is happy to accept their gift at the beginning of January, likewise tell one person that you would want to receive your gift in January too. That way you can take some satisfaction and comfort in the knowledge that you and your friend saved yourself a good bit of money on that particular gift. You never know, maybe it will catch on and we can all save ourselves a whole load of dosh in the future!