Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

This summer I was so pleased when I saw this image (see above) repeatedly posted around on my social media feed, it was most humbling to see how many people agreed with the above statement and felt the need to share how important it is to be kind to one another.

I really do believe that when we are negative to someone els, it is a true reflection of our own insecurities. My advice to anyone who has suffered from verbal abuse or unprovoked negativity from someone els, is that what they are saying has more to do with themselves than it actually does you.

Whatever your shape, size or look, be proud of who you are and feel confident in yourself. You should not have to change the way you look or view your body as a project. Live your life the way YOU want to live it.

We are ruled by a media that profits from our insecurities and makes us think we need to be a certain way. Don’t let someone els tell you what is admirable and what is not! Beauty comes in so many different forms and means something different to is in the eye of the beholder.

Also remember that fashion and beauty are two separate things. Beauty is timeless where as fashion is ever changing. At one time it was fashionable for women to be pleasingly plump, then it changed to having a more slender physic. At another time, it was fashionable to have a slim waist, broad hips and a flat bottom however that was replaced by the trend of having voluptuous breasts and a full rounded bum. There was also once a time that women didn’t have any noticeable muscle definition yet increasingly muscularity in women is gaining more and more acceptance. Fashion constantly changes!

That’s not to say we can’t look at these images of fashion and appreciate their interpretation of beauty, it’s just important to remember that they are not the only versions of beauty that exist…beauty comes in so many different forms.

So If there’s one thing I would like you to take away from reading this post, its this – remember to always be kind, and if you do find yourself in a situation where you are being negative or critical of somebody els, take a step back a really assess how you feel and the reasons why you might be doing it. Change your outlook and be a better person.


My Top Ten Lush Favourites

As a lover of all things Lush I could literally write post after post, reviewing all the products I’ve used and loved over the years however to save time, I’ve picked my top ten favourites and wrote a couple of sentences explaining why I like the product. I hope you enjoy reading and learning about some great skincare, hair care and beauty treats!

10. Limelight Toothy Tabs – I’ve actually tried a few of Lush’s tooth care products and I have to say I do really like them. Limelight toothy tabs do make your teeth and whole mouth feel really clean however they have quite a strong taste. I like to use them in the morning as they help freshen my breath. I prefer to mix them with a regular fluoride toothpaste for safe measure but they can be used on their own.

9. All Things Good Solid Perfume – All things good perfume is really nice if your looking for something a little bit different and unusual compared to regular perfumes. I wasn’t so keen on the smell to begin with but over time it really started to grow on me, lots of people seem to notice and compliment the scent too. It’s smells sort of like smokey candy floss which sounds a bit bazaar but it really is a lovely unique fragrance.

8. Full of Grace face serum – Great for if you have dry skin! Although it’s meant for the face, this baby is the perfect size to rub on dry elbows or knees. It melts at body temperature so it’s probably wise to keep it in a tin or tub, to avoid making a melted mess!

7. Charity pot – The Charity Pot body lotion is so moisturising, it takes a little while for the skin to absorb it but once it does, it leaves your body feeling beautifully silky and soft. This stuff also smells fantastic, very sweet and honey like. As well as all this, profits made from this product go to charity, hence the name Charity Pot. Now what’s not to love about that?

6. Lush Makeup Range – I had to bunch a few products together for number 6 as I value them all equally, plus you can’t really have one without the other when it comes to makeup. Lush makeup is perfect for if your conscious of putting harsh products on your face, such as perfumed foundations; it’s a great alternative.

So my lush beauty routine involves Feeling Younger face cream (the perfect primer), Light Pink Colour Supplement, Emotional Brilliance translucent powder, Independent (black shade) eye liner ( brilliant for straight lines and flicks) and Eyes Right mascara.

5. Don’t rain on my parade – In my opinion one of Lush’s best smelling shower gels! This one smells like Palmer violets and the scent lasts for ages, even after its all been washed off!

4. 9 to 5 face cleanser – This stuff is very gentle on the skin and leaves it feeling beautifully soft. Since using this, my skin does feel a lot more healthier and I look a lot less tired and puffy. It’s also great for washing makeup off your face, especially if you have sensitive skin that usually reacts to normal soaps & cleansers.

3. Ros Argon Body Conditioner – The Rose Jam scent is my absolute favourite lush fragrance, so when I first smelt this body conditioner I fell in love with it instantly. Like most Lush products, it takes a little while for my skin to absorb the oils but once it does, I’m left with a beautiful silky smooth feeling and the fabulous scent lingers for ages!

2. Roots hair mask – This marvellous minty mask is perfect for fine hair. I’m sure my hair has started to grow faster and thicker since I began using this stuff. It really tingles the scalp as you massage it on and leaves your hair feeling soft and nourished afterwards.

1.Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo & Veganese Conditioner – I have repeatedly bought these two time and time again as they have made my hair so so healthy. I couldn’t decide between them, so I had to bunch them together as my number one fave lush products, after all shampoo & conditioner do go hand in hand.

The shampoo leaves hair incredibly clean, I’ve gone from washing my hair every night, to washing it every couple of days or so which is far better for it. It smells lovely and leaves my hair looking shinier than ever. I think this shampoo might also be helping to strengthen my hair as I’ve had a lot less breakage since I began using it.

Veganese Conditioner is really great for my hair type as its very light, yet I don’t need to use a lot as spreads all over the hair really easily. It has a gentle lemony fragrance that lingers even after you’ve washed it all out. It’s also vegan friendly which is always a bonus.

Yankee Candles & Mood Lighting 

Creating a calming and relaxed atmosphere in my home is something that has recently become very important to me. There’s nothing more lovely than winding down, (especially during the evening) in my living room and feeling content and peaceful.

I actually rent my house so it’s important for me to make it feel like it’s my own as much as I possibly can. I’ve rented a couple of houses in the past and struggled to feel ‘at home’. My last house was shared accommodation, so that felt the least homely.

One of my favourite ways to indulge my visual senses and promote a calmed atmosphere is low lighting. My living room lighting consists of fairy lights, my lava lamp, my static light (the big ball that you can touch to make the light shoot to your finger tip…very cool, in the past it’s kept me amused for hours!), my fibre optic lamp and my little lamp (of the normal kind.)

When I switch all of these on in the evening, with the curtains closed, it creates a lovely warm vibe and really helps me to settle. They are also cheaper to run than my living rooms main lighting, which is an added bonus. I am a massive fan of fairy lights and have them in pretty much every room of the house…I think they look great!

Another of my favourite homely atmosphere treasures is candles and incense! I’m a lover of the well known brand Yankee when it comes to candles. They may be a little on the pricey side but they have such a fabulous array of scents that really fill the room, plus they seem to last for ages. Definitely worth splashing out on. My favourite at the moment is Black Cherry, it’s gorgeous. I’m also a sucker for the Yankee Wax Melts, their fragrance might not fill the room as much as the candles, but they last for a really long time. I’ve been using the same melt In my oil burner for the last 3 months and there’s still a ton left!

Woodwick candles are another brand of candle I’ve recently fallen in love with. They have some really interesting flavours including their Trilogy range which combines three different scents in one candle. As their name suggests, they feature a wooden wick which is quite a unique element; something I have never come across in other candle brands before. It makes a soothing crackle effect as it burns, creating a calm and content atmosphere.

Aside from these two candle brands, my homely atmosphere collection consists of lavender incense (great for relaxation), lemonade incense, tea lights, my lucky Buddha candle holder and my Himalayan rock salt tea light holder (which glows so beautifully bright). All help to create a lovely environment in my home.

New Found Love For Yoga

I am not usually one for routine exercise but I have too say, over the last six months of being pregnant I have definitely been feeling the yoga! Proud to say I have been keeping up to it too, practising at least 5 times a week and feeling the benefits!

I decided to take up yoga at the beginning of my second trimester as I was becoming increasingly anxious about my pregnancy and needed to find a healthy way to relax both my mind and body. Unfortunately for me, the combination of suffering from a social anxiety and being unemployed (i.e skint) meant that sining up to a group yoga class at the gym was off the table. So I decided to take a look at online yoga tutorials that I could practice with ease, for free, in the comfort of my own home.

The two tutorials I have found and have been practicing are produced by a company called Yogea Art Flow (I will provide links for these at the bottom of this post) and are particularly focused on your needs for the first and second trimesters, which is great!

Although I originally took up yoga to ease my anxieties, I’ve found that it’s really helped soothe certain aches and pains I’ve suffered with during my pregnancy, especially during my second trimester were I had a lot of lower back pain. But more so, I feel that my mind is a lot more calmer now and It gives me chance to rest my thoughts and think about nothing whilst I do my routine. It’s nice! My partner has even noticed a change in me, and says he can defiantly tell the difference in my mood if I skip a day (which I try not to do too often).

Overall I would defiantly recommend the Yogea Art Flow vids to anyone who wants to do a bit of light exercise during their pregnancy. They are great for beginners and have a lovely spiritual feel to them ( if you’re into that, which I am). They also include a nice ten minute or so ‘winding down’ section at the end of the routine, which is perfect if you enjoy meditation and helps you to create beautiful imagery in your mind.

For me, yoga has not only benefited my health but has really helped to make me feel positive about my pregnancy… It’s exactly what I needed!

Yogea ArtFlow Tutorial links

Prenatal yoga routine: Gift of life (Third Trimester)

Prenatal yoga routine: Calm Interior (Second trimester)