Bath Time Lush Haul

The only real problem I have with Lush bath bombs and oils is deciding which one to use first! They are all so lovely in their own special way.

In the past I have been a little dubious of bath bombs and smellies as I have quite sensitive skin. I have always loved and used other lush products though, such as shampoos, conditioners and body gels and never had any issues.

This year for Christmas I received the Intergalactic  and Tisty-tosty bath bombs but I was still unsure about using them. They both looked and smelt amazing especially the intergalactic which was so colourful and sparkly! Eventually my curiosity got the better of me and I couldn’t bear to waste them, so I took a chance and threw half of the Intergalactic into a warm relaxing bath.

Luckily it was fine and had no effect on my sensitive skin, which was a little surprising to say how much colour, glitter and oil was in the product but it made my bath look and feel amazing. I still only use half a bomb at a time just to be on the safe side plus that way it lasts longer. I shared the Tisty-tosty with my partner (who shouted ‘it’s got spiders in it’ when it released its flower petals into the water) and again I had no issues.

Then after that it started… My obsession with lush bath products. I had already become addicted to having regular baths due to my pregnancy, so my new found love for bath bombs seemed to go hand in hand with this obsession.

So far from the products in the image I have used the bubble bars, Rose Jam and Milky Bath. I was a little sceptical about the Milky bath wen I saw it online, for some reason I thought it would smell like sour milk (which was a bit of a silly thing to think really) but once I smelt it in store I realised how wrong I was, it smells great and even contains a small amount of glitter which is always a bonus. Unfortunately when I used it, it did make me feel a little itchy afterwards but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle, there was no redness or spots like what I have experienced in the past with other bath products.

Rose jam on the other hand, was amazing I had no skin problems whatsoever and I could definitely feel the softening effect it had on the water. It also smells fabulous. After I had my bath I kept popping my head into the bathroom every time I passed so I could take a big sniff of its lasting aroma. It’s beautiful scent had filled the room. The Yuzu and Cocoa is also a nice bubble bar to use, it looks like a yellow/ orange version of Rose Jam and it makes your bath smell incredibly sweet.

I haven’t tried any of the luxury bath oils yet, I bought them as I wanted something to soften my skin. The Melting Marshmallow Oil  smells delicious – very much looking forward to using it. I really recognise the scent and am sure it’s been used in another of lush’s products. If anyone knows what els it’s been used in, please let me know. I’m thinking it might be one of the shower jellies.

I am also really looking forward to trying out some of the bath bombs I’ve recently bought too. One of my favourites, which I couldn’t find online anymore, is the Ikle Baby Bot. I do hope it hasn’t been discontinued. I’ve bought it a few times as it’s ideal for children (over the age of six months) so I knew it would be fine for me to use. It also has relaxing properties and is great to use just before bedtime. I think it might be a nice one to buy once my little one has arrived and is old enough to use bath bombs. (Get them started whilst they’re young ehhy!)

All in all I have to give lush bath products a ‘big thumbs up.’ Their scent is unique and I love the idea of each product being hand made. If you are looking for the perfect bath time treat, I would definitely recommend lush. But beware… Once you’ve bought one product, you will want to try them all…and that’s how the addiction begins!


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